Energy Audit

Typical audits uncover deficiencies in energy consuming systems, such as compressed air, steam, pumps, ventilation, lighting, refrigeration, HVAC, and process machinery. In many industrial facilities, the largest energy wasters are failed steam traps and compressed air leaks. Abu Zaeem LLC provide successful energy audit services.

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Condition monitoring

Vibration Analysis Vibration Monitoring is a key condition monitoring technology. It detects a large range of defects in rotating & reciprocating machinery, as well as providing diagnostic capability. Portable products allow you to measure many machines, ranging from a simple vibration meter to a multichannel diagnostic analyser. Online systems give you the peace of mind […]

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We provide online training courses on mechanical maintenance topics as well as online training for other maintenance specialties. Our maintenance team works on many types of machines and components, including Motors and mechanical drives Compressors Conveyors Pumps Pipes and valves Mobile equipment

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NDT (Non-destructive Testing)

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a wide group of analysis techniques used in science and technology industry to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. NDT or NDE can be used to find size and locate surface and subsurface flaws and defects. Abu Zaeem LLC provides following services: Magnetic Particle Inspection: The experienced, skilled […]

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Field Balancing

Unbalance is the most common source of excessive vibration in machines with rotating parts include rotors of motors and engines, machining tools, industrial turbomachinery, etc. It leads toward premature machinery failure, downtime, labour and material cost.  This is the reason why solving of the unbalance is a basic concern in design and operation of the […]

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Laser Alignment

Misalignment can cause machines to overheat, shafts to break or crack, lubrication issues, safety risks, this can lead to unplanned downtime, higher operating costs, loss of production and increased maintenance costs. Abu Zaeem LLC has rich experience in Precision Shaft Alignment  Machine Train Alignment Pulley Alignmen

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Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis is one of the most important elements of problem-solving in reliability. That’s because if you’re not aiming at the right target, you’ll never be able to eliminate the real problem that’s hurting quality.

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Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing can be used to ensure that the new machinery is free from faults and work smoothly before installing it in service. The most important step before purchasing a new machine is to establish acceptance testing. Abu Zaeem LLC follows ISO standards for acceptance testing.

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Commissioning can play crucial roles in the performance, reliability and safety of process machinery. This often machine alignment, field balancing, electrical issues, lubrication systems, and mechanical and gas seals — that frequently don’t get the attention they deserve during installation and commissioning. We have professional expertise and sufficient precision in such activities.

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Abu Zaeem LLC is a vital supplier of condition monitoring and process Instruments, control systems and solutions to oil & gas, Petrochemical, utility and industrial market. We committed to provide a well-proven wide range of reliable products, systems and services from worlds renowned principal manufacturers to our customers. We offer professional key solutions and after […]

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